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Welcome to Sameer Enterprises

We are registered in India and are engaged in Trading and Distribution of Industrial Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals and Petrochemical Products

We offer diverse range of Chemicals for Various Applications such as : Adhesives, Agriculture, Printing, Paints, Soaps and Detergents, Cleaning, Dyes and Pigments, Polymers, Cosmetics, Food and Fragrances, Water Treatment, Oil Refineries, Mining, etc.

Chemical Supplies :

Our extensive product portfolio includes Solvents, Acids, Glycols, Hydrocarbons, Amines, Acrylates, Acetates, Polymers, and much more. With strict quality control measures, we ensure the highest standards in every delivery.

Petrochemical Solutions :

We provide innovative solutions for our customers in the Petrochemical Industries. From Raw Materials to Advanced Additives, our products contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of our client's operations.

We provides a large range of premium Petrochemical Products that are essential for various Industries whether it is for Lubricant Manufacturing, Rubber, Plastic, or other Application, we have the solution you need.

Our Petrochemical Products meet the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability and performance

Customized Services :

As a company, we are passionate about innovative services and processes that enable our clients to achieve maximum value. We also offer tailor made products to our customers using our vast Chemical Blending experience Our team of experts understands the unique requirements of each client. We offer personalized solutions, including blending, repackaging, and private labeling, to meet specific demands and ensure customer satisfaction.

Features :

With our extensive product knowledge we can ensure that we can find the chemicals you need for your business hassle-free.

What we stand for :

Our goal is to provide superior customer service and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

At Sameer Enterprises, we are committed to excellence in the Chemical Industry. With years of experience and a dedicated team, we have established ourselves as a trusted supplier globally. Our focus on Quality, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction sets us apart from the competition.

SAMEER ENTERPRISES is one of the fastest growing speciality Chemical and Petrochemical distribution companies based in INDIA and represents the most reputed Global Chemical Companies from Various regions in the world having various product lines
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